For the connoisseurs of botanical wonders, unique form flowers offer an intriguing dive into the world of peculiar shapes, structures, and patterns. Whether you’re keen on adding a touch of the unusual to your garden or wish to understand the evolution and care of such rarities, this category promises an enlightening journey.

Ceropegia Woodii: The Charming String of Hearts

Ceropegia Woodii: Guide to String of Hearts Care & Propagation

Ceropegia Woodii, popularly known as the String of Hearts, is a fascinating and alluring succulent plant that is native to South Africa. It is fitting that its most commonly known name, String of Hearts, is inspired by its very appearance as…
Amorphophallus Titanum

Amorphophallus Titanum: The Biggest Flower in the World

If you're an exotic flower enthusiast, then you'll love learning about the Amorphophallus Titanum (also known as the Titan Arum or Corpse Flower). This remarkable plant belongs to the family Araceae and has many fascinating aspects that set…
candy cane flower

Candy Cane Flowers (Oxalis Versicolor) – Description & How to Grow It

Often when we think about remarkable flowers, our minds gravitate towards the iconic roses, daisies, or even lilies. However, nature's magnificence spreads far beyond these traditional picks, bestowing us with a plethora of exotic flowers that…