The Tricyrtis Hirta or commonly calling flower (toad lily) are attractive in shady landscapes, blooming in a variety of spotted colors on the axes of the plant. The flowers can be star or bell shaped depending on the variety of toad lily that is growing.

A flower not well known but famous for its extravagant spots, which captivate the eyes of anyone who looks at it. But the Tricyrtis Hirta many more features that make it stand out from the rest. Find out what they are!

Tricyrtis Hirta main features

These perennial herbaceous plants, native to Asia (from the Himalayas to Japan to the Philippines), are generally found in shady conditions at the edge of forests. Of the 16-20 species, only two (and their hybrids) were commonly cultivated as garden ornamentals.

  • The toad lily that grows in deep shade offers the best condition, especially in warmer areas, managing to reach 2 to 3 feet in height.
  • It produces arched and unbranched stems with alternate leaves along its stem in a stair-like arrangement.
  • The showy and solitary flowers are bisexual. Perianth (set of floral leaves that form the flower envelope) taking the shape of a bell or trumpet shape with 6 free petals arranged in two whorls (set of petals): The outer whorl has secretory pockets of nectar, while the inner whorl it has vertical petals with dorsal ridges.
  • The petals are white or yellow with violet spots, generally recurved or reflected.
  • The six stamens are inserted at the base of the petals, and the filaments are slightly flattened, forming a short tube.
  • Three-angle fruits are broadly cylindrical capsules and when ripe they release many small, flat, oval to orbicular shaped seeds.
  • Mainly for its orchid-like flowers that open in the fall after most other plants have finished blooming.
  • No longer a botanical curiosity, many species of Tricyrtis are commonly available at local garden centers and nurseries, with even more offered by specialized nurseries.
  • The hairy toad lily grows from the rhizomes, forming a group of foliage that slowly expands over time.
  • The flowers open in late summer and early fall, lasting for about three weeks or until frost is harsh (both leaves and flowers are damaged below 28ºF).

Tricyrtis Hirta flower pictures

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