Poppy a beautiful flower! But it is criticized, because some say it is a weed, from a botanical point of view, and that some people can turn it into a dredge, is that true? I invite you to know more about this great flower! Do you want to have it in your garden?

Poppy Types and Colors

  • Orange poppies
  • Yellow poppy
  • White poppy
  • Violet Poppies
poppy types and colors

What Are Poppies Meaning?

It is a flower that belongs to the Papaveraceae family, called papaver (scientific name), but commonly called Poppy by the vast majority of the world, a flower that stands out for its less divided colors and petals, and it should be noted that wild poppies are of intense red color, which gives it a touch of elegance.

But in turn it is hated by farmers, because it represents a problem for their crops, because a crop plagued with poppies represents 40% of losses for the farmer.

What are poppies meaning

Where do poppies live and grow?

They are generally seen in Europe, Asia and North America, they are very resistant flowers to climatic changes, but it is safest to find them in cold areas. These flowers can grow in the meadows and fields.

The great thing about poppies is that you can grow them, be it in your garden or the place that you prefer, since it is a very easy flower to plant so it does not need much care like Tulips, they usually grow easily with little water in arid lands without having to give them constant irrigation, but if they need water, sporadic irrigation is best.

When and Where to Plant Poppies?

Poppies can be grown in late fall or early spring. The place where you are going to plant them already depends on your creativity, since we mentioned before that this flower can grow and flourish in the driest lands, but yes, you should NOT plant this winged flower of the crops since the poppy is also known for removing crops (weeds). As if I have in mind.

When do poppies bloom?

Their favorite dates or months is April and May, but that doesn’t mean they can’t flower at other times of the year. In its flowering, the stem can measure up to 70 centimeters high, but sometimes, or more depending on the variation of poppies, it can grow up to 120 centimeters.

This flower can have up to 4 or 6 alternately elongated petals and usually has jagged edges, characterized by having various colors, in which the most common that you can see is red and orange, and looking for a little more we will be able to see in its yellow, white and violet colors.

How to plant and care for Poppies?

Poppies are flowers that do not require much demand when planting, they can be grown in arid, drained or sandy lands and with a sun exposure, without frequent watering, you have to dig about 20 or 30 centimeters deep, put the seed and cover again with the previously extracted soil and do an occasional irrigation and trying not to choke the seed with excess water.

It really does not need any care or maintenance, but it is not necessary to take precautions so that it can flourish in optimal conditions.

How to Grow Poppies from Seed

How do Poppies reproduce?

how do poppies reproduce

Once the flowering is completed, we have to wait for the flower to drop its petals. Therefore its crown of the poppy where it creates its seeds will dry, and then we can replant and have new poppies.

Poppies are drugs?

This is the question that everyone asks. But let me tell you that poppies are not drugs, but they are slightly toxic, that if a person or animals get to ingest them they do not represent a greater danger.

The big problem with this flower is that it is involved with another flower called opium poppy which belongs to its same family, from which its compounds are subtracted and then used in heroin or opium.

This confusion causes great harm to the poppy as some governments prohibit the cultivation of poppies or remove them from fields where the poppy grows naturally, it is a real shame.

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