If you have not heard of the Chinese lantern, you are not alone, it is a flower not very well known in the world. This flower is also known as bladder, winter, or ground cherry, this herbaceous plant name is incognito and this can be confusing. But it is as charming as it is mysterious.

Its paper-orange blossoms closely resemble lanterns against vivid green foliage. The contrast is impressive in the flower, and its “lanterns” are fascinating!

Chinese lantern main features

  • It is easily identifiable by the large orange-to-red paper cover on its fruit, which resembles paper lanterns.
  • It grows naturally in the regions that cover southern Europe to southern Asia and northeast Asia.
  • It is a herbaceous perennial growing at 40-60 cm in height, with spiral leaves 6-12 cm long and 4-9 cm wide.
  • The flowers are white, with a corolla of five lobes 10-15 mm wide, with an inflated basal calyx (located at the base) that matures in the cover of orange fruit like paper 4-5 cm long and width.
  • In Japan, its seeds are used as part of the Bon Festival as offerings to guide the souls of the deceased.
  • A market, called hōzuki-ichi, held in Asakusa around Sensō-ji every year on July 9-10, this ritual is dedicated to this flower.
  • It is a popular ornamental plant, widely cultivated in temperate regions of the world, and very hardy below -20 ° C.

Photos of the Chinese Lantern

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